Wednesday, November 28, 2007

KompoZer Tutorials

KompoZer is fairly simple to use and intuitive for some of us who have used word processors and other applications. There are tutorials for using KompoZer to create web pages as well as tutorials on virtually every aspect of web authoring. This post provides links to KompoZer tutorials and others I have found useful.

Survey Says…

I did a post on counters not long ago. The idea was having a counter on your web site lets you know who visits your site and why they came. That knowledge lets you serve visitors better. Recent hits show that folks are really interested in tutorials on how to use KompoZer. So in keeping with the theme of meeting needs let’s see how well this post does. Please let me know by email or comment.

KompoZer Tutorials

The first level tutorial gives you an idea of what KompoZer is and how it works. Having just landed from Mars, you may have no idea what a WYSIWYG HTML editor is, does or or what it could do to meet your needs. You can spend about ten minutes considering the possibilities of KompoZer at a very basic level. This tutorial gives you some screen shots and maybe a hint of what you can do with this free web authoring tool. It is a good place to start for a glimpse at what KompoZer can offer.

The KompoZer site also has screen shots and commentary on how one can use KompoZer and what it is intended to do for web authors. The project site has come a long way from its previous shell. Part of that improvement was taking time to use KompoZer to develop the web site.

The KompoZer User Guide is also a great place to start. As clear as those instructions are there is often a need for a "show me more detail" example.

Time to Get Busy KompoZer Tutorial

When you are ready to start building your web site with KompoZer there is a step by step tutorial to get you through more than the basics.

The Site Wizard does a good job to help get you started on your site and maybe past some brick walls. They did a Nvu tutorial that helped me get started and have since updated it to reflect the improvements in KompoZer.

I really don’t like their suggestion that you need to get a domain name and a host for your site before you start. You can build a complete site on your hard drive and it will play there as it will on the web. For a novice web author just getting started, you can stay on your hard drive/local machine and get a host later. If you really want to publish your site during development you can get one of maybe 10 really good, free hosts.

There is value to getting a domain name and staking your claim to "" (or a domain name that reflects your content) before someone else gets it. That may save time when the time comes to publish your site. But my recommendation is you fiddle around a bit before you worry about signing up.

See also, KompoZer Table Tutorial

Publish With Something Else

Just ignore references to using KompoZer to publish your web site for now. Until the developer improves that function, which is scheduled for version 0.8, using the site manager inherited from Nvu to publish is not worth the aggravation. That is especially true when you consider that FireFTP is available as a free download and works like a charm. In fact, there is reason to believe FireFTP will be built in or become an extension for KompoZer.

Starting Over

My recommended plan for anyone with no technical background is to get a free download of KompoZer and fiddle with it. By that I mean learn how it works, what it does before you start doing a real page. You wouldn’t try to race at Daytona if you didn’t know how to drive. Why would you start to learn this web-authoring tool by doing a real web page or site?

According to my plan if you are doing a simple site on your pet malamute then after a little fiddling around you can just do it. You can learn by doing along the way.

More serious folks or folks with a non-hobby site may want to start over after a little fiddling around to learn some of the basics of HTML, web authoring, CSS and search engine optimization. For making a really good site I think you should start with a pencil before you use KompoZer. I thought that even before learning that others use the same approach.

I’ve said before that there are places that give you just about everything you need to build a site. Just about everything you need is listed on this page. If you look around while you are there you will find tutorials about everything.

Tutorials are everywhere it seems to help you build your web site. I have given you links to some that deal with basic web authoring concepts, “how to” KompoZer tutorials, and a host of other topics. With a WYSIWYG HTML editor you can learn a little or a lot and produce a credible, validated web site. There are tutorials that will help you learn from the raw code up if you like.

You can build a web site even if you know nothing about it today. Get KompoZer and start learning.

The Flags

There is a reason they call it the World Wide Web. The flags represent visitors to this blog by country according to StatCounter. About one third of the visitors are from the US and another third are from other English speaking nations. I’m not sure I do a good job for visitors who use English as a second language but I try to keep you in mind.

Thanks to all for stopping by.


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