Saturday, February 7, 2009

KompoZer CSS Tutorial Links

It has been a year since I gave you any real information on using CSS in KompoZer. This post provides link and comments on CSS tutorials that you may find helpful. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are the preferred way to layout content. KompoZer makes it easy to use CSS (if there is such a thing!) when you understand some of the basics. It has taken a year but I have learned how to use CSS in KompoZer. I can't give you a tutorial yet but I can provide links to CSS tutorials and facts that I have found helpful.

Tables for Page Layout

Learning to use a WYSIWYG editor like KompoZer is a process. The attractiveness of KompoZer is the idea that you can do a web page with no real knowledge of HTML or CSS. I had no technical knowledge but did a bunch of pages a couple of years ago. That series of pages was really designed as a slide presentation rather than a web site. I used tables to control the layout and it worked well for me. A lot of people look down their noses at table layouts because CSS is preferred but you can make legitimate, compliant web pages with tables.

Admittedly the code is not real pretty and it is tedious to try to control fonts with only the buttons. I progressed a bit to offer a KompoZer Table Tutorial that used a little CSS. The inline styles function of KompoZer's CSS editor made it easy to learn some of the benefits of CSS. Eventually I made a site with KompoZer CSS and it is a breeze to update and maintain.

KompoZer CSS Tutorial

If you are looking for a KompoZer CSS tutorial the basic KompoZer User's Guide or Mr Cooke's instruction on CSS didn't help. You may find a tutorial on KompoZer's Cascade editor helpful. When you get to the page on KompoZer look to the menu for the link to CSS. You might also want to look at the SeaMonkey tutorial as well. As the author notes there is a common family history between KompoZer and Seamonkey.

Look Up Terms

If you get a bit perplexed by some of the terms used in the KompoZer CSS tutorial you may want to look at Sitepoint's index of terms. They also have a discussion of CSS concepts and allow you to experiment with the code on line in the live examples section. Personally, I learn best by doing.

General CSS Tutorial

While the University of Illinois KompoZer CSS Tutorial was specifically for KompoZer there are others that deal with CSS in general. Some tutorials are "how to" in step by step fashion. There are also article style tips on specific aspects CSS that I find helpful.

Layouts and Other Tips

There is an earlier post here on CSS that has additional links to CSS related sites and I'm sure thre is a layout or two referenced there. Noupe has some CSS layouts as well. Like many of the sites I reference there is an abundance of information on Noupe if you really want to learn about web design.

Web Authoring and Web Design

I make a distinction between web authoring and web design. Certainly if one wants to be a web designer a formal training program is in order to learn how to do it right. My thought is a web author is more interested in sharing an idea, cause or product that being technically competant.

styles, an internal style sheet and finally an external Certainly with KompoZer a web author can produce valid and accessible web pages. My progression was from a single page with just a little formatting to table-controlled layouts. Then I added inlineCSS style sheet. I still have some problems and CSS concepts to master but KompoZer is a great learning tool.

The message is this: If I can figure it out so can you. Check out the KompoZer CSS tutorial, read some of the reference links but by all means experiment with CSS to get a feel of how to control your page presentation with CSS.


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Anonymous said...

I realy want to learn how to do CSS with Kompozer. Unfortunately your link ( didn't work.


Wysi said...

They seem to have migrated to Seamonkey with a KompoZer-like editor.

For Cascades I changed the link to


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